Forest Crucifixion

Ain’t she pretty?

forest bondage

forest crucified

skinny girl crucifixion

I have no information on the model, but the photographer was “Alex” from the now-defunct website. There’s a larger photoset of this scene here.

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4 comments on “Forest Crucifixion”:

budman commented on August 14th, 2013 at 6:31 pm:

It’s amazing how many fetish photographers don’t “Get” Crucifixion. At it’s best it’s a perfect form of predicament bondage. If the crucifixee’s feet are tied or placed on an angled platform such that she can not “lock” her knees then she basically has 2 options.
1) hang from her wrist – which hurts the wrist, cuts off circulation (even with good cuffs) and restricts breathing.
2) push up with her legs – but since she can’t lock knees she has to hold her weight with leg muscles, which tire and quiver over time.
As a result – she starts “the dance” going from one position to the other getting increasingly tired and more desperate.
When she is almost exhausted, you add the cornu – a narrow or even sharp edged wooden piece similar to the wooden horse that extends from the cross at just the right place between her legs such that if she sits on it, her arms are stretched but not completely. Now it becomes a 3 way dance:
1) pull up with her arms to relieve the pressure of the narrow cornu
2) push up with her aching legs
3) sit on the narrow edge of the cornu.

But most who have attempted to film or photograph such a scene lack patience to let it develop and/or a model who is enough of a masochist. And almost all of the scenes on the site and most other crucifixion sites use lousy and unbelievable bondage. Notice how in all the shots the women have their hands in fists? That’s to prevent their hands from sliding out of the rope work :-(. And in the series above the feet aren’t positioned to prevent knee locking (in fact she’s standing on the ground.) See this series for a better example:

PD did a few scenes at InSex where at least the bondage was great, but the patience wasn’t – he wouldn’t just put the camera on the model and wait . . . .

RC commented on August 18th, 2013 at 8:14 pm:

I understand Budman’s point of view. Certainly, a woman who is forced into writhing and squirming has her visual appeal. But an aficianado can also savor the series that is presented here. It is the difference between admiring a film and admiring a painting.

Basically, the fact that she is standing on the ground makes this ‘crucifixion’ very similar to being tied to a stake. The only difference is how her wrists are tied to effect that. Yet though the female’s availability does not differ (between stake and cross), there is a difference in presentation and homage to the past. Crucifixion taps into the subconscious differently that does the stake. Some people will find a cross more arousing than the stake, or vice versa.

Me, I like variety. I also like the fact that bondage on the cross takes an ironic twist. The woman’s arms are raised in what looks like a victory pose (think Rocky Balboa on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.) Yet her situation is anything but victorious. Her arms have been raised for her, and her enforced pose is a cruel jest that humbles her and adds to her humiliation.

I also like it visually, because of the downward “flow” of her body. It suggest that her own breasts, thanks to the force of gravity on them, are accomplices to pulling her arms tight.

Finally, she is quite the cutie. I think she has been in numerous Slaves In Love scenes. I like how in one of the photos she is inspecting beforehand the apparatus that is selected for her torment (comparatively mild though it might be.) She thinks she can handle this photo shoot. The reality is, she can, and probably will, remain in this position much longer than she could handle an actual crucifixion.

don commented on December 25th, 2013 at 12:18 pm:

ideal position for torture armpits

Lane commented on March 13th, 2018 at 12:48 pm:

beutiful ,thank you

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