Programming Her To Orgasm On Command

“Orgasming on command” is a common BDSM fantasy and (judging from what I read on the internets) a fairly common play project as well. How well it is reported to actually work varies a lot, with enthusiasts and skeptics both reporting in whenever this comes up in conversation. I like what This Girl has to say on the subject, and I’ve added my own bold emphasis on what strikes me as the smartest part of it:

This girl can’t remember when exactly, but Grimly built a brainwashing mask maybe about six years ago now. He designed it especially with her in mind because part of her still held back, part of her wanted to be controlled but the sort of headstrong independent part of her character was needing to be conquered, to submit because she had no choice that it was the natural version of events, because of his cunning, strength, dominance, ability, and basically him being an evil brainwashing bastard.

Grimly used a combination of the mask, electrotherapy and neuro linguistic programming to put a trigger in this girl’s head that whenever she heard a certain word (later a few different words) that she would orgasm and that she wouldn’t orgasm otherwise. This meant that even over the phone, just from hearing his voice this girl could orgasm.

Some people might not believe this, or might say that its faked. The thing is though, you believe what you want to believe. For most of the last seven or so years this girl has believed it to the point where she *has* orgasmed from his commands, more intensely from play and pain than from not, but even from cold she has orgasmed from his trigger word.

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5 comments on “Programming Her To Orgasm On Command”:

H Dean commented on May 28th, 2013 at 11:01 pm:

It’s actually quite possible to bring about orgasms on command. It’s a question of conditioning and not particularly difficult. It should be considered much like hypnotism. I’ve done it to quite a few women in my time. For some it takes longer – depending on the girls suggestibility – but I’ve yet to find a woman who cannot be trained to do so.

RC commented on May 29th, 2013 at 5:40 am:

For her birthday, he takes her to a restaurant where they are joined around the table by many friends, as well as colleagues from work, her boss and his wife included.

The wait staff, male and female servers, usually sing Happy Birthday when they bring out the cake, but this evening her husband has pre-arranged something special.

Ahead of time he instructed and rehearsed them to sing and chant the words that are the “open sesame” to her pleasure center!

Her friends are astonished by what they see! Heads turn and look at her from other tables as she moans uncontrollably, writhes and then slumps in her chair with head back and eyes closed, clearly having an intense sexual experience.

The deep baritone voice of one of the male waiters in particular seemed to be an especially potent trigger of orgasmic contractions in her.

No one but her husband knew this would be her reaction to a cake with candles! The story would be too incredible even for gossip the next day except for one thing: everyone took pictures and video, which is already on the internet.

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