Kneel And Serve

Here’s an gem that’s so old (1991) that its “from” line is a bang sequence instead of an email. You internet oldsters will remember these UUCP addresses:


The story is The Green Door, and the credit is “as told to Bishop”:

A single chair afforded the only furnishing for the room. He left her standing near the door and seated himself facing her. “You will speak only when asked to speak. You will follow all orders without hesitation.” He pointed to a spot two feet in front of the chair. “Come
here and kneel.”

She complied quickly, not wanting to experience the result of disobedience, at least not yet. He gazed down at her approvingly. From behind the chair he produced a black leather strap about two inches wide. He grinned as he placed it on her. The purpose of the strap revealed itself as he threaded it behind her neck and under her arms, buckling it firmly against her upper back. Her shoulders automatically moved several inches closer together. But he wasn’t through yet. A second strap attached to the first behind her neck. He watched her face as he used the second thinner strap to hoist her wrists upward via the short chain connecting the handcuffs. He stopped just short of pain, judging expertly by the expression on her face. He sat back in the chair now looking rather contented as he watched her attempt to adjust to her new arrangement.

“Your breasts look lovely that way.” She stared back at him, feeling her breath coming quicker. “I have a task for you my dear. A simple one, I don’t want to be unfair. Your task is to undo my pants for me.” She looked at his pants now for the first time. A comfortably worn pair of 501 jeans. “My god, how am I going to undo a pair of button fly jeans without my hands?” The question burst to her mind. His grin faded, as she spoke, “I can’t!” He leaned forward, very close to her, “You can, and you will. And if you speak again you’ll be punished.”

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5 comments on “Kneel And Serve”:

Adrian Hunter commented on October 21st, 2011 at 9:25 am:

here’s another link to this story from my archives

Rope Guy commented on October 21st, 2011 at 11:59 am:

Interesting … your link credits the story to Robert Bishop, and (by implication of the links to Robert Bishop artwork) suggests that the famous bondage illustrator was also the author of this story. I wonder if that’s real — I never knew he’d authored any fiction — or if it’s the result of somebody back down the chain of attribution confusedly mis-attributing something that accompanied some Bishop art in a magazine once?

J. commented on October 21st, 2011 at 1:39 pm:

Here are the headers of the version in my archive (I removed the bang path for privacy reasons). It is a year older and credited to “Bishop”, but seems to be otherwise identical except for some missing commas:

From: Anonymous@n7kbt.WA.COM (Anonymous Posting Service)
Subject: The Green Door
Date: 18 Jan 90 06:40:28 GMT
Sender: no-name@n7kbt.WA.COM
Reply-To: post-to-asb@n7kbt.WA.COM
Organization: The Kinky Corner
Lines: 789
Posted: Thu Jan 18 07:40:28 1990


as told by

A green door. The silent man led her to it. He held her gaze as he produced
[… story …]

[ Bishop can be reached at bishop@n7kbt.WA.COM. ]

person commented on October 21st, 2011 at 7:44 pm:

Man that’s so weird, I JUST ran across this story sifting through asstr like two days ago. Great yarn, a lot more thoughtful and well-written than a lot of these stories can tend to be.

Gagging Her – Bondage Blog commented on November 2nd, 2011 at 1:16 pm:

[…] Here’s another excerpt from The Green Door, previously quoted here: […]

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