Enema For Reluctant Girl

It’s a friendly little bondage orgy, sorta:

“Hey! What about me?” Alicia squeaked.
“Are you good in bed too?” Peter asked, gazing over his broad, tanned shoulder at the supple blonde who knelt on the floor with her bottom rearing high in the air.
“No! I mean, yes! I mean, untie me too!” Alicia said. But just then Therese, freed from her bonds, rolled over and took Peter’s face in her hands, her deep brown eyes glowing with desire. Peter’s loins nestled into Therese’s and the woman glanced over at Alicia.
“I think Mary’s got plans for you, dear,” Therese said on a whim, more to scare her than anything. Then she turned her face back to Peter and their lips met in an eternal kiss.
Beyond the sound of Therese and Peter’s squirming bodies and the rustling bedsheets Alicia could hear a container being filled with water in the bathroom. A shiver ran down her spine. Her cute, dangling breasts with their pert pink areolas quavered.
A moment later Mary and Jed returned, giggling and laughing. Mary had managed to pull her bikini panties back up around her hips, but Jed was still naked, and his erect penis indicated that whatever intimacies the two had shared in the bathroom, it had not led to an expulsion of Jed’s sperm. But it was not the bobbing of Jed’s penis, which jiggled with his every step, that sent a sheet of fear through Alicia. It was what he wheeled in front of his cock–a large, steaming tank with a slim hose wound at its side.
“No!” Alicia screamed, wrestling with the bikini bra that held her wrists to the leg of the dresser. Therese and Peter broke their kiss momentarily to glance over at the bound blonde. Then, realizing that their genitals had yet to couple, they both glanced downward and thrust together.
Mary stood over Alicia, giggling. “You can’t be a total party pooper, dear,” Mary said calmly to Alicia. “If you don’t wish to screw, then you’ll be treated to an enema instead.”
“Get away from me!” Alicia cried. She slumped her hips to the floor and curled up in a fetal position.
“Such a little baby,” Mary tittered. She placed a foot between Alicia’s thighs and torso and straddled the girl, then knelt so that her cotton sheathed labia pressed against Alicia’s ribs and her face looked down upon her bottom. Mary gave Alicia’s derriere a swat and then grasped her hips. With assistance from Peter she wrested Alicia’s posterior upright. Peter then wrenched Alicia’s bottom cheeks apart and Mary, dipping her finger in a jar of Vaseline which they had brought from the bathroom, oiled the aperture of Alicia’s rectum.
“No! No! No!” Alicia begged.
“I don’t think she’s ever had anything up her bottom before,” Mary said.
“Of course she has! She had my penis up her just last night at the sorority party,” Jed exclaimed.
“Oh, I’d almost forgotten,” Mary replied. “So much has happened… Well, you know what I mean, she’s never had a cyclonic injection before.”
Alicia wriggled fiercely beneath Mary. She knew exactly what was in store for her.
“Here, you’d better hold her,” Mary said to Jed. “She’s like a little wild animal.” They quickly switched places and Mary uncurled the tube from the side of the boiling container.
“GET OFF ME!” Alicia screamed at the top of her lungs.
“You can only make so much noise in a condo,” Therese said to Alicia, rising from the bed. She dropped her feet to the floor and walked over to Mary.
“What are you doing?” Mary asked as Therese suddenly untied the bikini panties around her waist. Alicia let out another war whoop of anguish at her impending fate.
“Sorry to relieve you of your modesty, dearie, but a thread in time saves nine,” Therese said demurely to Mary. She took Mary’s panties and knelt over Alicia, quickly wrapping them about the blonde’s mouth. “Did you enjoy gagging me earlier today?” Therese asked Alicia. “Well, now it’s your turn.” Then Therese turned to Jed.
“Get up,” Therese commanded.
“Huh?” Jed asked. Therese pushed at Jed, who sat straddling Alicia’s back, his hands on her bum. “But she’ll throw you off,” Jed protested as Therese pushed him off Alicia.
“Brains sometimes can make up for brawn, or even outdo it,” Therese remarked slyly, taking Jed’s place. Alicia thrust her hips upward with a ferocious jolt. Therese bounced once and then pinched Alicia’s bottom with her sharp nails.
“Ouuff!” Alicia howled.
“Yes, honey, it hurts, doesn’t it? Here’s two more,” Therese said.
“Ouuff! Owff!” Tears brimmed at Alicia’s eyes. However, she did not buck again.
Therese looked over her shoulder at the gagged little beauty’s visage, with her big, blue, innocent eyes that could just as easily have been on the face of a little girl gaping at spectacular sweets in a candy shop. “Here it comes now,” Therese said as Mary bent low with the cyclonic tube. “Don’t tighten yourself or you’ll only make things more difficult.”
Mary presented the end of the tube to Therese and the dark haired girl spread Vaseline over it.
“Are you ready?” Mary asked Alicia over Therese’s shoulder.
“She says she’d like to think about it and call you back in an hour,” Therese smirked. Mary reclaimed the end of the now greased tube.
“Okay, honey, here’s your enema,” Mary said.
“Ngg!” Alicia expelled her breath through her nose as Mary pressed the tube into her tight anus. Therese pulled hard at Alicia’s cheeks in an attempt to widen the passage. A moment later Mary motioned to Jed to open the water valve.
“The water is pretty hot, darling,” Mary said over Therese’s shoulder to Alicia. Suddenly Alicia jumped uncontrollably as hot fluid rushed into her rectum. Therese gave her bottom a little pinch.
Alicia felt herself filling up.
“Watch the level, don’t give her too much,” Mary cautioned to Jed.
“But not too little either, we do want to have some fun,” Therese laughed. She gently pinched Alicia’s bottom with her lacquered nails.

From A Mansion For Masochists by Andrew Roller.

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