Bad Friends And Butt Plug Blushing

The Kinky Librarian went to dinner:

At some point during dinner, MasterDoc ran off to get a lubed-up butt plug, brought it back to the table, and stuffed it up Nadia’s ass. Nadia, red-faced but clearly enjoying herself, remarked that this was just like‘s The Upper Floor – a civilized dinner party at which no one bats an eye when some sub girl bends over to take a butt plug up her ass. Truly, I expect no less at MasterDoc’s Home for Wayward Women. Nadia sat back down, and MasterDoc instructed her to wiggle about, to make sure she was getting the full effect of that butt plug. She obeyed, in obvious embarrassment, which I found adorable. I pointed out to her that her ears were turning red, and she wailed, “You saying that makes it worse!” Mwahahahahahaha! I’m a bad friend.

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