Public Enema #1

Blackmailed into sexual compliance, Barbara is forced to accept an enema in front of a living room full of invited guests:

Barbara rolled over on her stomach and hung each foot off the sides of table like Beth told her to do. She rested her head on its side against her clasped hands. Beth’s faced appeared in front of her’s again and held up something for her to see.

“This is an enema nozzle. You are now going to start getting cleaned on the inside. From now on whenever I show you an instrument, I want you to kiss it and take it into your mouth while I explain the procedure to everyone. Understand?” The slight tremor in Beth’s voice was exposing her state of excitement to all present. Her breathing became shorter and her words more to the point. Her face was also becoming flushed.

“Yes, Mistress Beth.” Barbara kissed the end of the nozzle and parted her lips as Beth worked the nozzle gently into her mouth. The nozzle was unlike any Barbara had seen before. It appeared to be much longer, about 7 inches, and had a sort of rounded ball, close to a inch in diameter, about a half inch from the tip.

As she worked the nozzle in and out of Barbara’s lips, Beth explained to everyone that she would insert the nozzle into Barbara’s ass and open the hose clip which would then allow the contents of the bag, which held about a quart and a half of warm, soapy water to flow into Barbara’s intestines. She seemed delighted to explain that Barbara would feel the warmer-than-body- emperature water entering her and that it would soon cause her some discomfort and appear as though she wouldn’t be able to hold any more. Beth smiled widely and said that the adult body could hold 2 full quarts of water without any harm, but she kept it down to only a quart and a half because Barbara would have to hold this for a longer time than normal. When she completed the explanation, Beth took the nozzle out of Barbara’s mouth and told her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks w-i- d-e. Barbara did as she was told and spread her cheeks as wide as she could. She soon felt Beth’s finger work some kind of lubricant around her anus and then go directly into her asshole. The sudden sensation of pain caused Barbara to jerk, to which Beth responded by jamming her finger in farther. Barbara felt the finger work back and forth a few times before being replaced with the hardness of the nozzle. This, too, was worked in and out a few times before Beth roughly shoved it in as far as it would go.

As soon as Barbara’s body had gotten used to the ball deep within her, she felt the sensation of the water beginning to enter her. She had expected the water to be a soothing warmth that she remembered from the last enema she had when she was being prepped for childbirth, but this water was HOT! She began working her abdominal muscles to “grind” her stomach into the table in an attempt to ease the discomfort of the hot water. Each time she would grind her stomach into the table she felt her anus pucker around the intruding nozzle and grab it tighter. She heard Beth laugh and comment to the crowd that “the little slut likes it in the ass, look at how she’s working that nozzle in and
out by herself.” I wasn’t long before Barbara started to feel herself filling up. She now had an almost uncontrollable urge to expel the water. She tried to tighten her anal sphincter muscles around the nozzle to form a better seal and this action, too, was greeted by laughter from the crowd around the table. She began to feel a small amount of water trickle out of her ass and down around her vagina onto the table. She grimaced and gritted her teeth hoping she could hold it in.

“Do you know what this is, Barbara?” Beth was saying in a teasing tone.

Barbara heard Beth’s voice and realized she had closed her eyes. When she opened them, she saw Beth holding something which looked a baby pacifier, only much larger and made of hard rubber.

“No, Mistress Beth” she answered. She felt the rubber object at her lips and then entering her mouth after she had remembered to kiss it. She was really uncomfortable now. She had to go to the bathroom badly and could still feel the water trickling down onto her pussy. She accepted this damn rubber thing into her mouth and listened in horror when Beth told everyone that it was a butt plug and would be inserted in her ass so she could hold the enema in longer while another procedure would be done. Barbara felt the tears forming in her eyes again. She couldn’t be expected to it in much longer. She surely would rupture something. As she pondered the thought of quitting, Barbara felt the nozzle being withdrawn from her ass. At the instant it popped out, she felt the butt plug being pulled from her mouth and forcefully jammed into the hole where the nozzle had been.

From The Atonement by Racecar.

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Goddamn that’s hot.

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