Golden Cages And Satin Cushions

There’s a paragraph in the Anne Rice / A.N. Roquelaure book Beauty’s Punishment that nicely illustrates what seems to me to be a fundamental difference between male and female fantasy when it comes to BDSM and bondage. Use the Bondage Blog search box to search on “cage” and you’ll find a lot of posts, and a lot of BDSM porn, mostly made by men. Will you find any gold, any satin matresses, any silk ribbons? In any of them? No, you will not:

And what a strange and marvelous thing! It was filled with six long golden cages. A paddle, delicately enameled and gilded, its long handle twined with silk ribbon, hung from a hook on the end of each cage. And the mattress inside was covered in sky-blue satin. It was full of rose petals, Beauty realized, as she was laid inside one of these cages. She could smell the perfume, and the cage was quite high enough for her to sit up if only she had the stamina. It was better to sleep as her attendants told her to do. And of course, she understood the reason they were fitting the most lovely little golden mesh covering to her vagina, strapping it over her moist clitoris and lips, and clasping the delicate golden chains around her thighs and waist to hold it. She could not touch her private parts. No, she shouldn’t. That was never allowed in the castle or the village. The door of the cage closed with a clink and the key turned in the lock, and she closed her eyes again, the most luscious warmth suffusing her.

My point is that even when men and women share a common kink, they may well think about it very differently.

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One comment on “Golden Cages And Satin Cushions”:

RC commented on April 30th, 2011 at 5:21 am:

It seems that while admiring the gilding and enamel of the paddle our heroine has overlooked the holes drilled in the flat surface to decrease air resistance. A pity. They were put there with her in mind. Perhaps the holes could have been drilled in a more creative pattern to catch her eye. How about depicting a star constellation? The Big Dipper seems appropriate for her ass-tronomy.

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