Chastity Belts And Orgasm Control

This Girl writes about enforced chastity:

Sometimes this girl *tries* to frustrate him too and tease him but generally that backfires on her. Last time she stayed with him she was quite tired and wasn’t really wanting sex at that moment or any further play so to tease him put on a body stocking and chastity belt and cuffs and went to cuddle with him on the sofa. At bedtime he decided that he would just leave her like that all night, cuddled in to him, but locked away.

A lot of people write about male chastity, the frustration of it, the discomfort and it seems to be some sort of competition as to who can be the longest locked up. For this girl, one night is pretty much enough (!)

Male chastity makes it difficult for a man to get physically aroused i.e they can’t get a hard on or it hurts a lot!

Female chastity does not stop arousal. It makes it worse. It doesn’t stop the physical signs of arousal at all. It makes access impossible but it doesn’t stop arousal and doesn’t make it uncomfortable either – just frustrating. For this girl the longer she is locked away the more aroused she gets and Grimly, evil bastard that he is, knows that.

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thisgirl commented on April 18th, 2011 at 1:10 pm:

thanks for the link :) x

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