The Caged Bed

I’ve heard of some funky Japanese love hotels, but I never heard of anything as cool as this round caged bed. This is totally awesome, and I want one:

bed fully enclosed in a round red steel floor-to-ceiling barred cage

Photo is from Love Hotels at The Morning News. There are also photos of a BDSM “Hello Kitty” room. From the interview with the photographer:

What’s your favorite room?

The Hello Kitty S&M room has to be my favorite because it is so unexpected, and I love the colors in the prints of that room.

Why do you think the Hello Kitty S&M room is appealing to hotel guests?

Hello Kitty is really big in Japan. Many women there are drawn not only to very cute, almost little-girl-ish toys, but to also being very cute and innocent. I think the room would probably appeal to a girl’s [interest in] cuteness, and the S&M part of the room [appeals] to a man’s more sexual interests. Though, I think most Japanese girls probably giggle when they see the cuffs-and-bondage Kitty. In our culture cute and innocent aren’t generally mixed with the supersexual, so the room takes on some extra irony.

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