Gagged In “The Avengers”

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gagged screenshot from The Avengers

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RC commented on October 11th, 2010 at 11:35 am:

Very nice. For some women (and she is one of them), a taut cleave-gag uplifts and brings out the loveliness of her cheeks.

flacpl2 commented on October 11th, 2010 at 2:41 pm:

There was a later episode, where the lovely Miss Linda Thornson spent much of it tightly bound to a chair and gagged in front of a two-way mirror and tormented verbally by her captor, a lovely woman. They engaged in a dialogue about whether Tara King’s hands were still tied, and, if memory serves, the villianess replies “I’m going to pull those ropes so tight your hands will turn blue.”

A bit of British kink that was, for some of us, rather helpful to learn that “we were not alone.”

There was also an episode of show called “Bracken’s World” (a drama about a movie studio from 1969-70), where one of the very pretty starlets (Linda Harrison?) was kidnapped by a crazed stalker and kept tightly bound and gagged…

Finally, there was some other 60s Western (it ran only a year I think…the name escapes me for now) about a pioneer family who had to learn to survive in the wilderness after the parents had died. The oldest children were a teenaged brother and sister. The antagonists were an evil patriarch and his two rotten sons who lived on the next ranch, and it seemed that in every other episode, the antagonists were always capturing and tying up the show’s male protagonist for very dubious reasons. Not my thing, actually, but it was obviously SOMEONE’s thing….perhaps if the girl had been tied up more, it would have run for more than a year.

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