Proud, Humble, Abased

This post sat in my draft queue for most of a week because (1) I couldn’t remember the word “abased” even though I knew it was out there (*poof*, so much for an expensive liberal education, gone before I’m done paying for it, doubtless because I’m rotting my brain with pornographic filth), and (2) I couldn’t decide which of two photos to link to to illustrate abasement. No worries, link glue is cheap.

So, our subject today is Katie Jordin from Sex and Submission. Here she is, standing proud:

proud katie jordin

In our next view, she’s still fully dressed, but she’s on her knees, bound with a bit of rope, wearing a rough blindfold, and suddenly, she looks a bit more humble:

humble katie jordin

But I promised you abasement. And here she is, with her head in a basement (hardy-har):

(abased 1)
(abased 2)

No apologies for the weak pun. Why do you think I set this whole shaggy-dog post up?

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One comment on “Proud, Humble, Abased”:

Akira commented on August 31st, 2010 at 8:17 am:

Be warned that in some states they still have the death penalty for awful puns like that! :-)

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