Strait-Jacketed Blonde Sex Toy

Most of the men in America have, at some time or another, received the excellent advice “never put your dick in crazy.” However, it would appear that the good doctor in charge of the lunatic asylum at the House of Taboo never got the memo. No, he rather seems to make a practice of it:

blonde inmate in strait jacket for some medical bondage sex

Also, movies.

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One comment on “Strait-Jacketed Blonde Sex Toy”:

RC commented on May 16th, 2009 at 9:37 am:

Looks like the good doctor is conducting a thorough examination, including the standard tests for nymphomania.

From her picture on this website, and judging by her affect and body language, I would have guessed this is a classic presentation of oppositional defiant disorder.

But the tests for nymphomania take time. A lot of time…..

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