Let Me Tie You Up…

The old “just for fun, honest!” trick is apparently so old, people were still falling for it in 1879-vintage spanking stories:

I said, “Jane, did Mrs. Mansell or Jemima ever birch you without grandfather knowing it?”

JANE.—”Yes, dear Miss Rosie, they’ve served me out shamefully, more than once.”

ROSA.—”How did they manage that?”

JANE.—”Why, I was tied by my hands to the foot of the bedstead.”

ROSA.—”Oh! Do show me, and let me tie you up to see how it all looked.”

JANE.—”Very well; if it’s any pleasure to you, Miss.”

ROSA.—”What shall I tie you up with? You’re as strong as Samson.”

JANE.—”A couple of handkerchiefs will do, and there’s a small comforter to tie my legs.”

By her directions I soon had her hands tied to the two knobs at the foot of the bed, and her feet stretched out a little behind were secured to the legs of the table.

“Oh! My!” said Jane. “You have fixed me tight. What did you tie so hard for? I can’t get away till you release me.”

Via Spanking Blog.

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