The Hood And The Cane

Kitten’s master is learning the joys of canes and hoods:

The cane is more painful than the crop but it’s more enjoyable to use. Struck properly both cheeks of kitten’s arse get the blow, and nice red lines appear providing symmetry of appearance across her cheeks. The cane is lighter in the hand and more responsive to wrist flicks when applying it to kitten’s bum. You can also vary the intensity of the blows from a tap to a nice swift strike.

I have only once required to chain and tie kitten to the bed to administer her blows. Normally she keeps position and stays in the appropriate kneeling position. Having her hooded, chained and tied to the bed, helpless, immovable and totally croppable & cane exposed is a hot idea.

I have bought a new leather head mask, which has a inbuilt leather collar, a metal mouth zipper which is lockable with a padlock. This will now give two to choose from. Kitten’s other leather mask has an inbuilt ball gag with a mouth covering with self poppers to keep it in place and a blind fold for the eyes. Kitten in leather head mask is a hot sight and l like placing her head into the mask during any bondage session we do. And after the bondage session, I like to keep her in the mask and lead her to my bed for a caning session. She doesn’t know when she is going to be hit, or what she is to be hit with, as l inter-change from cane to crop and from crop to crop….

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