Kegadoru For You – Shadow Slaves

Remember my kegadoru post? If so, you may enjoy this bandaged bondage babe from Shadow Slaves:

bound up in bandages

A Shadow Slaves Valentine

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all hearts and flowers and chocolate. Sometimes the Shadow Slaves way is better — just take her out into the spring woodlands where all the furry forest creatures frolic among the new blossoms, throw her over some handy logs, stretch out her hands and feet with rope and some rusty iron stakes you find laying about, tear away what’s left of her panty hose, and have fun!

What, she says she wants flowers?

Well, look! There are some flowers, right there, about two feet in front of where her face meets the dirt, and about a foot to the left! “You have any other objections, slave?”

staked out over some logs for bondage sex

panty hose ripped off for woodland ravishment

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Lopsided Interrogation

Darla would later admit to her cruel lover that the thing she hated most about their interrogation scene was the way the little pulses of current only hurt her on the one side of her body. “It was like a framed painting on the wall that’s hanging crooked… I kept wanting you to even it up, and you just wouldn’t, you bastard!”

shadowslaves electricity interrogation scene with alligator clips on her labia and right nipple

Photo is from Shadow Slaves.

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Bath Time In The Dungeon

Long ago in another world before she was his slave, he once asked her out on a Friday night date. She gave him the classic cruel brush-off: “Oh, I couldn’t possibly, that’s my night to wash my hair.” Now, every Friday night, he helps her wash her hair while she crouches in the dungeon he built for her:

washing a slave girl's hair

From Shadow Slaves.

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Caged And Miserable

From Shadow Slaves:

caged and miserable

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Cattle Prod: Breast Testing

My girlfriend thinks this pic is scary, but to me, the scariest thing in this picture is the plastic surgeon who did those breast augmentations. I’d like to go after him with the cattle prod…

an electric cattle prod for her boobs

From Shadow Slaves.

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Small Titties Well Tied

There’s almost not enough there for the ropes to catch on:

rope bondage small titties

Via Shadow Slaves.

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