Angela White, Collared

She looks just a little bit worried. Probably, all her life, men have “done stuff” to those big juicy tits of hers, and she figures with her wrists tied, it’s about to happen again. She’s right, too:

rope tied and collared angela white

Photograph is by Dave Naz, from the April 2018 issue of Hustler’s Taboo magazine. If you didn’t catch it on the news stand, the complete digital edition is available when you join the Hustler Network online. (Members have digital access to more than 65 issues of the magazine going back to 2010!)

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One comment on “Angela White, Collared”:

RC commented on December 21st, 2018 at 11:57 pm:

She can’t help it: when she’s braless, the weight of her breasts naturally tend to pull her nipples erect a little. But they will become even more so when her treatment commences.

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