John Norman Flashback

I had an unwanted and unlooked-for flashback to my adolescent days as a Gor fanboy when I saw this photograph. My instant reaction thought was that Donnie Rock was checking Chloe Cherry for “slave heat” (as John Norman’s characters so charmingly would refer to vaginal self-lubrication):

check her for slave heat

Photo is from The Stinging Torment Of Chloe Cherry, a Kink Unlimited production.

Footnote: I do not use the term “Gor fanboy” with derision. Quite the contrary! There’s nothing at all wrong with enjoying the Gorean oeuvre in one’s youth, as long as one subsequently either (a) grows out of it, or (b) grows into it, grafting an adult perspective of BDSM onto that body of work, with due respect for women as people of equal significance, and for the value of enthusiastic consent.

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