How To Find True Fetish Cams

Although I am not a webcams expert by any means (having a a happy submissive in the house tends to make my cams interest somewhat theoretical) readers do sometimes ask me how to find satisfying fetish cams performers and performances. Too often they say they’re looking for “real fetish cams” or “true fetish camgirls”, which I take to mean they’ve had inauthentic, unsatisfying experiences before. In a world where any pretty girl can put on some latex and call herself “Mistress BitchSexxy12”, how does a generous gentleman find a cams performer who gives good honest on-camera kink experiences?

I have good news and bad. The good news is that, due to the magic of the internet and all, anything you desire is out there, and you can find it. The bad news is that “fetish” is a broad-ass word. What’s “real” and “true” fetish for you is unique, you fucking snowflake. There’s never going to be one perfect portal where all the authentically kinky fetish camgirls are lounging on cushions just waiting for your tokens. They are, sad to say, mixed up in the genpop just like the rest of us crazy mixed-up nuts.

Nope, finding your perfect fetish camgirl is no easier (though it’s a metric fuck-ton cheaper and safer) than finding your perfect in-person sex worker. You’ve got to go shopping; you’ve got to try some people out. You’ve got to hold auditions, although you are (if you know what’s good for you) very much too much the gentleman to ever let it show that you’re doing precisely that. And (more bad news) you’ve got to be prepared to spend some time and money at it.

So what you do is you pick a promising-looking fetish-themed cams portal like Mistress World and you start screening. You find performers you like, you find performers who match up with whatever images the words “kinky” and “true fetish” and “real fetish” summon in your mind, and you spend time in their public channels. You tip. You buy private shows. You get to know the most promising. Eventually, you’ll have one or two or three (or a small list) of cams performers who can and will do “true” and “real” fetish shows for and with you, whatever that means to you.

And this doesn’t have to be a dreary process! A lot of performers have gotten extremely creative about making their public channels enticing these days. Not long ago I saw one pretty blond thing, a little bit thick (yum!) in the middle, who was loosely hogtied and wearing nothing but a tight leather crotch strap. All she basically did, in public channel, was roll around on a thick shag carpet and “struggle” with her crotch strap; but if the tips stopped chiming in her channel, she’d roll completely off camera and wait. She didn’t roll back into view until the tips started up again. I don’t know if she was making bank, but she was sure as hell making rent.

Another fetish cams performer I saw was a flexible little redhead, she couldn’t have weighed 90 pounds dripping wet (which in this case is not just a figure of speech). She was wearing a tiny little red string bikini that left very little to the imagination. Her thing was, she used her public channel time to practice her escape skills and her lock picking. She’d chain herself in various ways (handcuffs on ankles, wrist to ankle cuffs, different kinds of shackles, multiple sets of cuffs, chains and padlocks, all kinds of Harry Houdini self-bondage shit) and then pick all the locks using keys held in her teeth. Given how little she was wearing, it was quite a bit of fun to watch, especially when she was working on ankle chains with her teeth. And if the webcam wasn’t lying about the trickles of moisture on her inner thighs, she was quite authentically into it, too!

Real fetish cams performers: they are out there.

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