The Punishment Gel

Emily is in a very special prison, and she just got caught masturbating in her cell, which is a serious infraction:

The Captain steps forward and places the cattle prod between Emily’s knees. Emily spreads her legs, knowing the final destination was not intended to be her inner thigh. “Let me tell you what happened to the last detainee that violated this rule.” The Captain eases the cattle prod back and forth until it nestles between Emily’s pussy lips. “The detainee was stripped and her wrists were chained to the far corners of her headboard.Her ankles were pulled up and over her head and chained to the headboard next to her wrists. As you can imagine, her legs were spread wide open and her pussy was sticking straight into the air. For her punishment we applied a very special substance to her genitals; we make sure all her cavities were filled with this gel. Initially the gel makes everything tingle; some say it can be kind of pleasant. But within a minute it starts to itch. It slowly progresses until the itch is nearly unbearable. It’s been described to me as the worse rash you could ever imagine. The little wench was begging for us to release her hands so she could scratch it.”

The Captain removes the cattle prod from her crotch, slides it up her body and presses the points against her nipple. “It doesn’t stop there; a half hour late the gel starts to heat up. For the first ten minutes the girl thought hot wax was being poured into her orifices. The girl was in so much pain she just kept crying for help. The last twenty minutes are the worse; that’s when the gel actually starts to burn the skin. Have you ever been slapped on the back after getting a bad sunburn Miss Kendall…well its worse than that. The girl was screaming so loud she could be heard across the entire facility. It takes about another fifteen minutes for the burning sensation to stop, but in that time the damage is done. The girl was out of commission for two days. There’s no permanent damage, but the skin is pretty chewed up for awhile.” The Captain lifts the cattle prod off her nipple and pulls the trigger. The small bolt of electricity arcs between the two points just inches from her nipple.

Emily was hoping for a lighter punishment; she wants to drop to her knees again and beg for forgiveness but knows it won’t do any good. “Please Captain, there has to be another way?”

“Your punishment is not going to be as ruthless as what that girl received, her infraction was much more severe that yours.” Emily perks up. “But it still involves the gel.” Emily’s face sinks again. “Since the masturbation was involuntary the gel we be applied to your clitoris only. You will still go through all the stages as I just described but the itching and burning will be only in that area. By the time the gel has run its course your clitoris will be so tender you won’t want to touch it for at least two or three days.”

She concedes her fate, “Are you going to put it on me now?”

The Captain points to the door, “In your room Miss Kendall.”

“Yes ma’am.” Emily turns into the room and sits on her bed, her legs are shaking uncontrollably. “Am I going to be cuffed to my bed too?”

“No, I have a solution for that. Now, sit back on your bed and start playing with yourself.”

“Excuse me ma’am?” Emily looks up at The Captain as she pulls out a small tube and a latex glove.

“You heard me…start playing with yourself. I want that clit of yours nice and pronounced.” The Captain snaps the glove on as Emily gets comfortable on the bed. She’s still not sure if this is some test or not.

Emily puts her hand between her legs but is hesitant to start masturbating. The Captain stands over and watches, holding the tube in her hand ready to be applied.

“Times up! Get your hand out of there.” The Captain grabs her wrist and pulls it away from her clit.

Emily watches as The Captain squeezes out a small drop of the gel on her gloved finger. The Captain reaches down and pulls her pussy lips apart. She lines it up and dabs it onto her clit.

“Ooh that was a lot colder than I expected.”

“Cold to start; hot to finish.” The Captain reaches into her pocket and pulls out two more latex gloves. She throws them at Emily, “Puts these on.”

“Latex gloves ma’am?”

“Not just any latex gloves. These have been soaking in this fantastic gel for the last hour. The film you see on them is the purest form of the gel. Try to scratch the itch or sooth the burning sensation in any way and you will do nothing but spread the gel to other parts of your pussy. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.”

Emily slides the gloves on, she looks between her legs. “It’s starting to tingle already. How long did you say this punishment will last?”

“Start to finish you should be in quite a bit of discomfort for about an hour to an hour and a half. This puts you right about the start of breakfast. I give you permission to skip morning inspection. Your clit should feel like it’s on fire right about then.”

“Thank you ma’am…oh god, here comes the itching.”

“I will leave you to your suffering. Do not take off those gloves and stay out of the shower until I tell you,” The Captain points up to the camera, “Do we understand each other.”

“Yes, Captain. Oh, oh, oh…oh god that itches.” The Captain leaves the room, Emily jumps off the bed; she dances around the room doing whatever she can to try to scratch the itch without using her hands. The Captain didn’t say anything about using other objects. She rubs her slit along the corner edge of her desk; unfortunately the contact does little to ease the itching. Everything else she tries provides no relief; it’s as if the itch is internal. Emily decides to lie on the bed and just let the itching run its course. She tries breathing techniques, as if she was in labor. She also tries counting the ceiling tiles, anything that would take her mind off the itching.

For the next thirty minutes Emily tosses and turns on the bed; on more than one occasion she had to stop herself from scratching her clit with her gloved fingers.

Emily lies on her back when she notices that the itch starting to subside. She takes a deep breath; although brief, the relief was pure heaven. It didn’t last long before the second stage kicks in; just as soon as she was able to rest comfortably she starts to feel her clit starting to heat up. But the heat wasn’t like sitting in the warm sun on a cool day. It was more like someone touching a struck matchstick to the stiff nub between her legs…

From Emily’s Retribution by Jason.

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