Anus Preparation: Recommended

Her new mistress’s favorite thing to say to her? “Prepare your anus!”

lesbian dildo strap-on bondage sex

From Hustler’s Taboo.

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One comment on “Anus Preparation: Recommended”:

Kinky Deb commented on August 31st, 2016 at 11:42 pm:

Reminds me of when I came home from work and was greeted by a friend wearing nothing but a smile and large strap on. Husband had forgotten to tell me that Annie wanted to fulfill a fantasy with me as the victim! At first I was reluctant but husband soon persuaded me by stripping me and tying me over the bedhead. A spreader bar on the ankles and ball gag completed the bondage and she then fulfilled her fantasy, for about 2 hours!! What started as reluctance turned to enjoyment.

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