Spandex Hoods For Summer Heat

When the Stockroom includes their justly famous Spandex hoods in their summer sale, it highlights the unique and attractive feature of these hoods: they are thin and breathable and far less uncomfortable when things get hot in your bedroom or your back yard. I won’t claim they’re genuinely cool to wear — they are still close-fitting hoods at the end of the day — but they’re far better than any other hood I’ve seen when your sub getting overheated is a matter of concern. You have a choice between the blindfold hood or the version with the mouth hole for blowjobs. Even when not on sale they are inexpensive, so you can afford to have extras! (I like to keep one in my default travel bag, where it weighs nothing, takes up little space, and makes me look like I’m a bondage boss during unanticipated playtime opportunities.)



Stay cool out there!

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