Rain DeGrey Interviews London River

Rain DeGrey recently interviewed London River on a variety of topics. In the interview, I was fascinated to see London explain something Rain has also been known to say: that she got into doing kinky porn professionally because it seemed like the safest way to explore kinky sex. I think that’s exactly right; professionals need to act professional, and they have financial incentives that reinforce that. But it’s not an insight you hear very often about the kinky porn industry. Here’s London:

RDG: When you first started doing porn videos and decided to move to on-camera stuff, you went for some pretty extreme things right out of the gate. What made you decided to go so hardcore as opposed to regular vanilla b/g work?

London: My entire reason for entering into porn videos was because I wanted to try things in a safe environment that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. I wanted to do bondage, and I wanted to do BDSM, and I wanted to experiment with my sexuality. Meeting people online can be risky. You don’t always know what you are getting, you can’t always be sure that you will be around someone that has your safety in mind or even knows what they are doing or is a healthy person.
Maybe I am paranoid, but it seems like there are a lot of predatory people out there. Pursuing my desires professionally seemed like the safest way to go, plus I am kind of an exhibitionist, which made it even more exciting. Doing regular vanilla porn wouldn’t really have done much for me. It isn’t like I have any trouble getting laid, so I didn’t need to reach out for that. I was going for something very specific.

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