Gagged For Nipple Play

A simple gag of cords is all virtuous-and-virginal-looking Jodi Taylor needs, as her captor prepares her for some serious nipple torment to warm her up for the bondage sexing:

rope gag nipple play

cord gag nipple play

From Hogtied.

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One comment on “Gagged For Nipple Play”:

RC commented on June 24th, 2016 at 10:28 pm:

Doubtless the people at Hogtied imagined a story to go with these pictures of the lovely Ms. Taylor, but it is possible to imagine others.

For example, she could be a compulsive long-distance runner who has come down with “jogger’s nipple”. Fortunately her loving and caring boyfriend has taken matters into his own hands, so to speak, by relieving her suffering and preventing her from resuming her training by bondaging her until such time as she heals.

But I prefer to imagine a slightly different scenario for Jodi. It is a variation on Frank R. Stockton’s well-known story, The Lady or the Tiger.

Only instead of the male lover standing in the arena facing a choice of two doors, one of which he must open, it is the lady whose fate will be determined by her chance choice, considered to be the Judgment of Heaven.

And instead of a Tiger or attractive lady each being behind one of the doors, the possible outcomes here are different. Behind one door is a studly male, devastatingly handsome, who has an ostrich plume with which he will tickle her nipples, should chance dictate that the door he stands behind will be the one the lady chooses.

And behind the other door? Not a tiger, but likewise a handsome male. But he possesses, not a feather, but rather, an emery board, such as one uses to file one’s fingernails. The sensation this would produce on Ms. Taylor’s nipples can well be imagined, particularly if the reader is informed that Jodi’s nipples are in a very tender state, and over-sensitive to even the slightest of touches.

As in Mr. Stockton’s story, Jodi’s boyfriend has learned which door leads to which outcome, and he has secretly signaled to Jodi the choice he wants her to make,

So the question is, what does Jodi find when she opens the door? The feather or the sandpaper-board?

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