Black Woman, Sex Slave

This article by Feminista Jones goes nicely with the BDSM While Black piece from last month by a young black woman who likes kinky sex but was squicked by race play and master/slave stuff. FJ is at a different place, but facing some of the same issues. She writes:

How does a black person identify as a slave, given its historical connotations? Photos of enslaved Africans bound by chains and covered in whip marks provoked a visceral horror in me. But when I saw similar items used in the consensual kink realm, I would become curious and highly aroused.

Being in a master-slave relationship makes no sense to outsiders who don’t feel the same compulsion I do. That’s why — although it seems counterintuitive as a black feminist — I’m open about my experiences, and encourage others to explore their desires to be “owned.” But even after nearly two decades in the BDSM community, I haven’t figured it all out. Occasionally, I do a self-check to make sure this still feels good and right—and every time a strong hand grips my throat or a paddle whacks my backside, it always does.

I’m at my freest as a slave.

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