“Get Me Out Of Here!”

Sexy little blonde Odette Delecroix has suddenly realized that it’s a fucking frame she’s been strapped down on, and she wants off it:

untie me!

Sorry hon, but I don’t think that’s happening!

odette delecroix bondage fucked

From Sexually Broken.

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One comment on ““Get Me Out Of Here!””:

RC commented on February 11th, 2017 at 9:00 am:

The frame is the first shock. The second is when she realizes he wants to take it slowly.

He asks her if she’s going to be a good girl and drain him completely.

When she doesn’t answer right away, he thrusts in deeper than usual, and she feels herself stretched to clasp his member at the base of his shaft.

“Yes,” she replies, almost in a whisper.

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