Twice A Sacrifice

food for the dragon

That’s obviously a dual-purpose sacrificial stone plinth. The dragon is just hungry; he never cares if her ankles are tied apart, and contrary to popular myth, he doesn’t care if she’s a virgin, either; that’s just a handy rule to make sure the villagers don’t give him a tough old hag who’s hard to chew. So why the rings to tie her feet?

Well, there’s some risk involved in delivering the annual sacrifice. The men who volunteer feel entitled to fringe benefits, and they don’t see much point in wasting a perfectly good virgin. But rope is expensive, so when they’re all done, they take away the bonds from around her ankles. Again, the dragon doesn’t care, as long as she can’t run…

I don’t have an artist name for you this time.

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One comment on “Twice A Sacrifice”:

Lav commented on November 20th, 2015 at 5:25 am:

I believe this artist usually goes by ‘Carl.’ Most of his content is a more blood than bondage I’m afraid, but he does produce fairly high quality work.

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