Spandex Blindfold Hood

I like these spandex hoods because they are comfortable, breathable, non-claustrophobic, and (with the built-in blindfold) completely secure against your submissive seeing what’s coming. Better yet, there’s also one with a mouth hole for blowjobs.


More info from the Stockroom:

This hood is made of shiny, stretchy, black spandex, and has a soft cushioned blindfold sewn into the front of the hood, effectively blocking out vision. This hood is extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to breathe through. It will fit anyone.

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Spandex Hoods For The August Heat – Bondage Blog commented on August 21st, 2016 at 10:26 am:

[…] I’ve seen when your sub getting overheated is a matter of concern. And during the sale, the blindfold hood is just $11.93, while the version with the mouth hole for blowjobs is even cheaper, just $9.93. At […]

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