How To Make A Tack Bra


Illustrated, with many photographs: How To Make A Tack Bra.

You’ll need two cheap bras and a bunch of flat tacks.

Start pushing tacks into the front of one of the bras. Keep going. Make patterns or straight lines. In my opinion, the more the merrier, but for your first one, you may want to go a little easy on yourself.

This one has 142 pins on it. Never say I go halfway when it comes to masochistic crafts.

It looks so pretty, like a bra covered in Skittles. Put it on carefully- it will hurt. Hopefully that’s what you were going for or else this project was probably not for you.

Put the second, hopefully slightly smaller bra on over the tacked-filled one. This will hold everything in place and keep constant pressure on your poor tits. Spend the day hugging everyone you see and feeling yourself up.

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