Handcuffs For A Tease

In the story She Was A Tease by My Darker Side, a frustrated would-be lover uses a pair of handcuffs to put an end to his girlfriend’s perpetual tease:

I finally had her in my house, and more importantly, in my bed. We’d been kissing and groping each other for about an hour on the couch, and when I suggested moving to the bedroom, she didn’t say no. But I’d been here before. She’d been leading me on like this for months, always getting to the point of almost… and then leave. Excuse after excuse, and there I’d be, angry, frustrated, with only my hand for company.

But it was stopping tonight.

So there we were, kissing, touching. Her, beautiful in the flush of lust and desire on her face, laying on my bed with her hair spread out like a halo around her
head. Kissing… I love to kiss this woman, she has one of the most passionate mouths I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. I’ve spent days dreaming of how it would feel around my cock… but the little tease has never even been close to it.

I was on top of her, kissing her hard, moving my mouth slowly to the side of her face and down to her neck. There’s a spot, just under the lobe of her ear along the line of her jaw that had always made me crazy. I nibbled it, a little harder than I usually do, and she moaned deeply. Her hand snaked down between us and she squeezed my cock through my pants, causing me to moan in return.

I’d been waiting so long for this. I moved my hand up, trying to get it up under her shirt, but she moved like a snake and stopped me, whispering “We barely know each other” in my ear, followed by that giggle… the one that told me we were almost finished here, at least according to her.

The handcuffs were on the dresser near the bed, right where I’d left them earlier when I found out she was coming over. In one fairly fluid move, I turned her over onto her stomach and grabbed the cuffs from the dresser. She didn’t hear the sound of metal on metal as I straddled her waist; she was laughing, telling me to be careful or I’d hurt her. It wasn’t until I had one hand bent back to the small of her back that she started to understand what was going on, and started to struggle.

First one, then the other cuff clicked into place around her wrists. I sat back, enjoying my handiwork.

She was face down on my bed, with her hands cuffed behind her. I ran my hands up under her shirt, and undid the clasp of her bra. She was talking, telling me that it was ok, that if I let her go she wouldn’t do or say anything to anyone. Telling me that she was sorry.

I ignored her and slowly moved my hands up and down her back, and then slowly down around and under her sides, feeling the full round weight of her breasts in my palms. She was struggling under me, kicking her feet around, but I outweighed her by a lot.

I pushed her shirt up farther, so that it was bunched up around her shoulders. Her skin was like ivory, cool to the touch and pale enough to be able to see the veins beneath. Beautiful, so beautiful. Moving my hands down and underneath her again, I found her nipples with my fingers and pinched them both, hard. She screamed, writhing under me, but I just sat down harder, letting her know that there was no way I was going to let her go.

I’d had about as much fun as I could like this, so I flipped her over, quickly, not giving her any time to react. As I admired her breasts, and the flat of her stomach, she started to get louder about her objections, complaining that the cuffs were too tight, that they were hurting her wrists. I gave her a look, ignored her and started kissing and licking my way up from her navel to her breasts, slowly trailing my tongue up to first one nipple then the other. She struggled against me, saying ”no” over and over again as I kissed and sucked and bit them, left, then right, then left again.

Feeling her body arch under me and her nipples getting harder and harder every time my mouth touched them was exciting me more and more. But her constant chatter and begging, although exciting as well, was getting to be an annoyance.

Her shirt was bunched up at her shoulders, so I pulled it up into her mouth, gagging her with it. Her eyes went wide, and she moaned into the gag. It was quieter,
and so much sexier.

I hadn’t said a word to her yet, just continued to touch and kiss all of the bits of exposed skin I could reach without getting off of her. After a few minutes, I stopped and making sure I had her attention, I smiled and pulled the key to the cuffs out of my pocket. She got this look of relief in her eyes, and I flipped her back over, so that I could get at the cuffs. I unlocked only one, and then turned her back over. Her face was so hopeful, and the look stayed there until she realized that I was pulling her arm up to cuff her to the headboard of the bed. She started fighting me, trying to buck me off, pull her wrist out of my grasp, anything that she could do.

But none of that stopped me from pulling her arms up over her head, snaking the cuffs behind the cast-iron decoration of the headboard and locking them back in
place. Straddling her chest, looking down at her, seeing that the relieved look had been replaced by one of complete terror, I started laughing…

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2 comments on “Handcuffs For A Tease”:

SilverMoon commented on September 9th, 2015 at 1:33 am:

I find this slightly disturbing. Sure, it’s a fantasy, but behavior such as this has no place in BDSM as I know it (safe, sane & consensual, you know?). It’s rape, pure and simple.

Rope Guy commented on September 9th, 2015 at 11:14 am:

You can’t have it both ways, SilverMoon. Is it a fantasy, or is it rape?

Popular culture is chock full of fantasies about bondage and rape both. That’s what this story is. To be actual rape, there would have to be an actual person involved. Since there’s not, it’s a fantasy. More to the point, it’s a fantasy that includes bondage. This is, after all, a bondage blog, not a BDSM blog. “Is it BDSM?” is not a heuristic I use in deciding what to post. “Does somebody get tied up?” is much closer.

Sorry you found it disturbing. I get how that could happen.

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