Advice For Pretty Female Interrogators

Dani Daniels in her sexy rubber interrogator costume, with rattan cane

Here’s a pro tip for would-be female interrogators in sexy latex dominatrix outfits: before you dismiss your minions, double-check that they actually got your virile male captive’s hands properly chained behind his back.

Dani Daniels menacing a virile male captive.  Only his hands aren't tied property to the chair or behind his back

Getting his bondage right is important! Because he’s bigger than you and stronger than you. So if you omit the vital “check his bonds” step, then you had better quickly (as the immortal John Willie famously advised) “learn ju jitsu and the art of self defense.” Or this could happen to you:

The biter bit! Dani Daniels is suddenly captured by the man she was just planning to cane to ribbons

And this:

Dani Daniels stripped and tied naked over a desk for sexual torment and punishment

he's about to force Dani Daniels to suck his cock while tied helplessly over a desk

Followed inevitably by him having his way with you (and in you). There, and yes there also. Forcefully. Repeatedly. And at length.

Dani Daniels about to get bondage fucked while helpless and tied by her vengeful former captive

Aren’t you sorry now that you told your minions that you were strictly not to be disturbed no matter how long you were in that room? No matter what noises they heard coming from it?

All photos are from the most recent Sex And Submission photoshoot. The sexy interrogator turned bondage sex captive is Dani Daniels.

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Lea commented on March 3rd, 2015 at 4:29 pm:

Love this scene/shoot.

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