Helpless Teens: Don’t Get In The Van!

Faye, Faye. Do you really think it’s smart to beg rides from strangers while wearing a skimpy outfit like that?

faye flags down a ride from a stranger in a van

Haven’t you ever heard that saying about “ass, cash, or grass?” Because nobody rides for free, Faye, not even (especially not even) when they are small and cute:

faye discovers her new ride guy is skeevy and wants to tie her up

Now that he’s got his rope on you, Faye, I’m afraid you’re in for a long ride to a very remote place:

faye in the van, feeling sorry for herself

All three of these pictures are from the most recent photoshoot at the brand new Helpless Teens site, which is in the Fetish Network family. Girls, you really shouldn’t get in the van!

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2 comments on “Helpless Teens: Don’t Get In The Van!”:

RC commented on May 21st, 2015 at 9:37 am:

A lovely young lady named Faye,
Has achieved liberation today,
She was screwed without quittin’
The whole length of Brittain.
It’s clear she has come a long way!

I Said “Don’t Get In The Van!” – Bondage Blog commented on January 10th, 2017 at 10:24 am:

[…] people these days, sometimes they just have to learn hard lessons the hard way. I told her and told her never to get in the […]

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