A Lesson From The Book Of Pain

From the Book Of Pain, Chapter 22:

12: Then went she unto Alebeard, in his place of pain. There she said unto him:

13: “Verily, I came here to get my ass kicked.”

14: And he said unto her: “Thou hast come to the right place! Set aside your rainments, and enter within.”

15: Then she went with him, and her ass was kicked, and she suffered many painful things, and was content.

16: This be the lesson. Ask not for pain that is not wanted. But if pain be truly wanted, ask Alebeard.

buzz cut woman wearing dental gag and padlocked chain collar

Alebeard menaces Abigail Dupree with a face-slapping leather spanking toy

Abigail Dupree wincing after being slapped with a leather spanking crop

Abigail Dupree facial reaction after a slap

Pictures are from Pain Toy, where Abigail Dupree really did tell Alebeard “I came here to get my ass kicked.” Foolish? Brave? Or both?

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2 comments on “A Lesson From The Book Of Pain”:

xorquin commented on November 22nd, 2014 at 2:19 am:

same albebeard from rppstories? still got his website archived from 2 decades ago :)

Rope Guy commented on November 22nd, 2014 at 12:48 pm:

I did not know about that website! But yes — it’s got a “Mead Hall Productions” copyright on it, which is the name of the Pain Toy production company as well, so I would speculate that it’s the same Alebeard. He’s a real character…

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