How To (Safely) Use A Nose Hook

There’s a useful post by dungeonmaster Simone Blackthorne at on the kinky uses of nose hooks:

The objective of the nose hook is to create a painful and humiliating sensation as well as to (mildly) deform the shape of the face. The highly sensitive tip of the nose is very receptive to pain impulses and even a light pulls will make sure you have your slave’s undivided attention instantly, as an added benefit, it will also create instant tears!

It will make her feel like she is being dragged around like a pig by the nose.

A nose hook is an excellent tool to use when teaching a slave positions and postures.

Being led by the nose in order to learn to properly stand, sit and kneel is extremely powerful and probably much more effective than any other threat (such as a riding crop).

The dominant man can be assured his slave, when “hooked up” will follow him instantly wherever she goes, which makes the nose hook an excellent tool for teaching a slave how to walk and generally move about. Or, alternatively, to remain perfectly still.

There’s also some safety information (or at least opinions) I had not seen before.

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