Thank You For Two Breakfasts

Dom With A Pen writes:

This morning, I made girl breakfast — a very goofy egg-and-toast thing involving cutting shapes in the bread so the egg fills in the space. Yes, I know some of you are crying out “you’re a total Daddy Dom! She’s a little! OMG!” But that’s not how we identify ourselves. So zip it.

A little while later, I took her upstairs, showered her, bound her hands and licked/fingered/fucked her until she begged me to cum. (I allowed it.) Then, I pulled her to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. Obediently — because she knows it’s the way I like it — she placed her hands at the small of her back and maintained eye contact while I fucked her face. That by itself nearly drove me to the edge—and then, when I pulled out, she titled her head back, eyes still on mine, and opened her mouth. That did it. I came hard, on her face, on her neck, and then:


This totally random sideways jet of cum veered off at a ninety degree angle to splatter on our antique nightstand.

This never happens in porno movies.

We laughed until our stomachs hurt, and then she congratulated me on my excellent (albeit unconventional) marksmanship.

Later, as she walked out the door to go meet her girl friends, she said, ”Thank you for breakfast! And, you know, breakfast.”

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