Chastity Belts Described, 1661

There’s an interesting passage in The Wandring Whore from 1661 in which two prostitutes discuss chastity belts, or as they call them, “Italian Padlocks”:

Magdalen: I would fain know the fashion of the Italian Padlock, which makes so many women lonely against their wills.

Julietta: The Italian Padlock is made of iron, steel and silver, gilt over, sometimes covered with plush or velvet, which goes quite round their lips, a thin plate going between their legs like a colander or grate to piss though. Over their whip-bobs [bottom cheeks – Ed.] the lock hangs fastened under their smocks near the groin of the back, and never opened but when her husband has a mind to play a game at Tick-tack [sex] as Vulcan did with Venus.

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