Bad-Rapping The Marquis De Sade

Here’s a quote from one of Lord Buckley’s inimitable spoken-word art pieces, where he’s talking about the Marquis De Sade:

Marq is one of them cats likes to enjoy, understand. He rent a small band, he get five or six chicks and a few gallons of juice and swing up a storm. The neighbors get green eyed, and blow the whistle on the poor cat and BAD RAP HIM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Now, you take the case of Ella Louise Louise Louise, that little chamber maid chick. It’s in the history. Now, he knew this chick didn’t have no gold. So, he pressed a fin into her palm and said, “Baby, let’s split up to my pad and suck up a little juice and hear a little wax and go a little crazy.” She said, “Coo coo.” So, she took his wing and vrrrpppt, they split toward the pad. And got halfway there and just happened to pass the Birch and Rod Store. So, the Marq said, “‘Cuse me a minute, Sugar.” Vrrrpppt, he swung in and picked up on twelve miniature style, three colored, silk-tasseled, circus day, children’s pony, buggy whips put them under his wing, vrrrppppt, and made the pad and they BAD RAPPED THE POOR CAT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Now, why did he pick up on them twelve long, mean, thin ones? He knew this chick was a square, he knew she was an octagonhead, he knew she was not with the scene and he knew it would be the wrong thing to do, to put such a square chick as she was up against such a tight stud as he was on the bed of high sensuous consequence without alerting the chick a little bit, and they done BAD RAPPED HIM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

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