Her Hooded Capture

One thing I like about really vintage bondage porn is that since it was a lot closer to being illegal in those days, there was less concern about making it appear politically correct. Which got you a lot of images that are sort of unnerving to modern eyes. Who wouldn’t be unnerved to see that her captor is hiding his identity inside a classic pillow-case hood?

captive woman tied up by a man wearing a pillow case with eye holes caught in it

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2 comments on “Her Hooded Capture”:

earl commented on April 1st, 2013 at 3:23 pm:

Looks like an old HOM shot, among the best BDSM porn I’ve seen. I agree, the older stuff has a weirdness that makes it far more appealing than the likes of kink.com, much of which looks too generic.

budman commented on April 1st, 2013 at 6:00 pm:

The hood may have been for “dramatic effect” but it’s far more likely that it was so the males in the shot could remain anonymous. Some males in bondage shoots still wear masks for that purpose today (aka Sgt. Major) because they have jobs or positions where their porn life would be frowned upon. But in the HOM era, the government was really putting pressure on, raiding businesses, threatening arrest, etc. The women were the “victims” of the porn industry so they didn’t have to hide. But nobody wanted visual evidence that the attorney general could take into court – ie their face holding a cane over a welted female bottom.

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