Tied Over A Forest Log

Sometimes when you take her hiking, she just can’t keep a civil tongue in her head. And when you’re deep enough in the rainforest, you don’t actually need to take her home for punishment; you can make her strip right there and throw her over a handy log for a bit of Brutal Punishment:

tied over a log in a steam in the rain forest

brutally caned in the forest

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One comment on “Tied Over A Forest Log”:

RC commented on March 3rd, 2013 at 9:43 am:

She needs to be quiet, and take it without a lot of complaint. Otherwise, he might notice the rocks nearby are just the thing to pound on the log a bit, and cause any insects within to scurry and swarm to the surface. Even if they are not biting or stinging insects (or worse, millipedes!), she doesn’t want to take a chance that they are, given how her legs have been spread apart.

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