Seven Castaways

The whole “marooned on a desert island” gig stops being fun (at least for some of the participants) when the male/female ratio gets too far out of whack:

tied up and fucked by castaways on a desert island

more bondage sex for the lone woman marooned on a desert island with male castaways

From Castaways, by Templeton.

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One comment on “Seven Castaways”:

RC commented on February 23rd, 2013 at 7:17 am:

The slant of the trees shows that she has been bound facing the ocean. As an added touch of cruelty, the men thrust into her in perfect synchrony with the slow, rhythmic pounding of the waves as they break on the shore. So she experiences a special dread each time she sees a large swell build into a wave, and her tension mounts with horrified anticipation. The men feel her tightening inside each time that happens.

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