Unique Nose-Hook Gag

I’d really like to know if this combo nose hook and open-mouth gag is an item of commerce, or whether it’s just a bit of clever custom metalwork that’s proprietary to the Intersec dungeons:

clever open-mouthed gag with nose hook

From Hard Tied via Kinky Delight.

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2 comments on “Unique Nose-Hook Gag”:

cobweb commented on January 3rd, 2013 at 10:36 am:

In the documentary Graphic Sexual Horror, about the website Insex and its demise, PD is assisted by a skilled metalsmith known as KGB.

One would think these were custom made to suit PD’s artistic vision.

anydoodledo commented on January 20th, 2015 at 1:01 pm:

Now someone has put a great deal of thought into this very simple but suppremely effective gag.
Just two (maybe one) bent wire and the objective is achieved. Her mouth is wide open and her tongue is down, making an excellent surface on which cum can be ejected.
A great advantage – perhaps unintended, is that as a cock thrusts forward the wire is compressed and the nose will feel pain. The result is that maximum pain is felt as cum is spurted into her mouth – perfect!
She can swallow is she is told to, but there is also a small dip behind her bottom lip which would hold cum and let it dribble slowly out.
It’s a fantastic device.

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