The Labors Of A Slave

I believe I’ve mentioned before my surprise that BDSM versions of slavery so rarely incorporate any elements of actual labor. But, sometimes they do:

I am beat. And by that i mean tired; not beaten with something. And aching. And by that i mean like you would after your first day of Army boot camp. Yesterday, as i sat on the floor at my Owner’s feet as he ate his breakfast (and i ate mine from his hand as it was offered, like the animal that i am), i was told it was “labor day”. i said that i thought labor day was at the end of summer and he said “labor day” for me had a different meaning and that it was a day of physical labor for me.

We drove out west a bit in the state to my Owner’s cousin’s farm. It’s an old farm (early 19th century) that he is fixing up as a “get-away” for the family and everyone gets to use it as long as they work on the place while there. The place is a bit of a disaster and there is a LOT of manual labor to do there . My Owner had me put some tools and wood in a cart hooked to a tractor and then we drove off a bit from the house and out buildings. Well Sir drove and i scurried along, naked except for my sneakers, a coating of sunblock, and a hat to keep the sun off my head and face (the hat was a ball cap with “bitch” embroidered on it), trying not to lose sight of him.

i was then taught to build a fence. i had to dig holes with a post hole digger. Then insert fence posts and then fill the hole with dirt and tamp it down. After i set a few fence posts then it was back to the barn to get rails to install between the posts. And then repeat the process. All day long until i was a sweating aching exhausted pig.

And then he bent me over the section of fence that i had just finished and fucked me hard. He started in my cunt but then finished in my ass. i barely survived the walk back to the barn. He cuffed my hands and then chained one ankle to some old piece of farm equipment i couldn’t identify. It was filthy in the barn and there were spiders. Lots of spiders…

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