Pulling Her Nipple Clamps

From A Slut’s Punishment:

He stood back and regarded her. The whip coming out of her ass and trailing onto the floor looked like a little tail. Cute.

He stepped into the tub and leaned against the wall in front of her, his knees slightly bent, to make it more difficult to reach his cock. She knew what was expected. She tried to lower her head to his cock, reaching for it with her tongue.

But she seemed unable, of her own volition, to put any more pressure on her shoulders by lowering her body further.

As he watched her struggle and listened to her whimpers of fear at the consequences of failure, he felt an amused compassion for his whore.

“Would you like some help?” he asked gently, gazing down into her pleading, upturned eyes.

“Please, Master, could you just stand up a little higher?” she asked hopefully.

“No, I’m comfortable like I am. But I will see if I can help you a little.”

He reached out and grasped both cords attached to her nipples and pulled down ward firmly. Amazing what a little encouragement can do, he thought as her mouth sank around his cock.

God, could this woman give head! He leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes, allowing her to work her magic.

After a while, he opened his eyes and looked down at her. He noticed she was keeping her ass very still. Normally her pelvis rotated slowly, involuntarily, while she was sucking him. Of course, any motion of her ass would cause the whip to shift positions. That would probably hurt quite a lot. He stroked her hair.

“Are you happy to have my cock in your mouth?”

She nodded her head, never pausing in her efforts to please him.

“Then why aren’t you wagging your tail, Jane my love?” he asked softly.

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