Candy Manson: Descent Into Toilet Licking

So, it’s a Bound Gangbangs photoshoot that’s been blogged here before. But now I’ve got some pictures from the full photoshoot that aren’t in the free gallery. It turns out, before we ever got to the gangbanging, there was a woman who found herself in the wrong bathroom. As our story begins, Candy Manson is hovering nervously as men piss in the stalls on each side of her:

Candy Manson hovering nervously in the men\'s bathroom at the rough biker bar

Then one of the guys looks in over the stall top:

spying over the top of the stall on Candy Manson as she squats and pees

“Hey, boys, look what I found!”

Candy Manson is grabbed and stripped in the male bathroom by rude biker assholes

“Before we play with her, I think we should make her clean this place up. It’s filthy! No woman wants to get fucked by six guys in a stinky toilet stall…”

her wrists duct taped, Candy Manson is forced onto her knees and instructed to clean the nasty toilet with her tongue

“Yeah, we said lick it! Do I need to take off my belt and whip you with it?”

Candy Manson forced to lick a toilet clean with her wrists bound behind her back

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