Bound In A Warehouse

The Red-Headed Slut gives a present:

I have left a present for my boyfriend on my floor: a duct-taped girl with her panties pulled down, mascara smeared on her cheeks, and an array of sex toys and hurty things on the coffee table.

Of course, the girl is me. (In case you’re wondering, it is both easier and harder than you think to duct tape yourself like a victim.) Seven and I do a lot of consensual non-consent, specifically abuse/violence/rape play. I really wanted this particular scene to go further than we had n the past. I wanted to be used, violated, owned. In my head, I was a kidnap victim who is bound and gagged in a warehouse. I’d been told if I cooperated, they’d let me go once he was done with me. And he would be able to do anything he wanted. Anything.

The scene itself was inspired; Seven always seems to know what’s going to work. There was forced porn viewing, assplay, pain, and humiliation. He jerked me around with his belt around my neck. He would alternate rewards with punishments. At one point I had to pee, and I almost believed he wouldn’t let me, or would make me use a bucket. (Side note: getting up to go to the bathroom with your hands and ankles still duct taped together is an exercise on flexibility and confidence-building.)

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