Breasts In Rope


tightly roped breasts -- Japanese rope bondage

From Abnormal Blue Garden.

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One comment on “Breasts In Rope”:

RC commented on June 4th, 2012 at 8:27 pm:

She looks slightly rueful, perhaps a little disgusted with what she has brought on herself. What was that, I wonder? Her breasts are not especially large, but if the blouse she had been wearing earlier was something she deliberately chose to be provocative, something way too forming-fitting and tight, then this bondage is an apposite pay-back from the guys.

So what is in store for her? I bet she now becomes the object of curious sexual experimentation. A little tongueplay on her nipples should drive her crazy. The bondage is drawing the skin on her breasts so tight that her nipples will be prevented from achieving erection. She will experience an unquechable sexual itch that will induce her to seek relief by clenching and relaxing her thighs in such a way as to approximate masturbating.

It should be a nice show.

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