Sex With The Pleasure Ball Anal Hook In

So I found this blog called Down The Rabbit Hole where Master’s Piece (who refers to herself as “one”) is blogging about the pleasures of one of those anal hooks with the big pleasure ball on it. Sounds like a big win:

It was at that point when one made an interesting discovery. Apart from the fact that the body completely overlooked the tail end of the hook as it laid on it… that tail rubbed along the bed in sync to the fucking. It was like being double penetrated by the most superbly synchronised duo in history. In fact it triggered an orgasm so long one was actually begging Him to stop in the end. It is a strange fact that men do not understand, but an orgasm can reach the point of no longer being enjoyable. Of course He didn’t stop there, but eventually he gave into the pleading for mercy.

On the condition that one mentioned it in the blog…

Yes. He made one beg for mercy… during sex.

An interesting discovery indeed!

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