The Uses Of A Blindfold

So Ronnie took a blindfold on her vacation to Barcelona:

Remember the blindfold? Well, I took it with me and early Saturday evening after I’d showered and P was having his turn I put the blindfold on, I didn’t cover my eyes just got it ready so I could pull it down as soon as I heard P get out of the shower.

I didn’t put anything else on, I could have wore stockings and suspenders or a pair of my sexy tights, god knows what I was thinking. (Have you ever done something like that?)

So anyway I heard the shower stop and I pulled the blindfold down, two minutes later I heard the door open and knew my husband must be staring at me, eyes ravishing me, I could imagine his penis tenting under the white hotel robe. Then I heard “What’s this all about?”

“What?” I replied, a stupid thing to say, I know, as if it was normal to come out of the shower and find your wife like this.

Then I felt his hands on me but not caressing or stroking, instead they were on my shoulder and him flipping me over on the bed. Then he spanked me, I mean it wasn’t hard but I’d recently showered and you know how that leaves you extra sensitive, he didn’t say why he was spanking me but when he stopped I felt him undo the blindfold and then he said I didn’t need to use that unless I had a migraine or something, then he asked me how much it had cost anyway.

Now you know I don’t lie to my husband.

“I got it from Ebay P, it was only £20.00” I told him.

I think I heard him tut, then I felt him move and thought I’d really blown it, but then I heard the TV start so he must have just stretched for the remote. Then he got on the bed and was manhandling me again but this time to position me across his lap, after which he gave me a prolonged spanking which really got me wriggling.

“This isn’t for bringing the silly thing with you, it’s for the waste of money,” he said, “and if you don’t stop struggling I’ll be putting it to good use and tying your legs with it.”

Well he didn’t tie me with it, and he didn’t fuck me either which is what I’d wanted from the start. But after a very pleasant evening out, he did. And he used the blindfold to gag me, which didn’t work at all and in fact if anything made me more noisy.

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