Gagging Betty

A nice, if rough, description of being gagged here:

“Christ, I’m gettin’ fuckin’ sick and tired of listenin’ to her mouth,” David growled, striking Betty once more across the ass with the crop.

“Then let’s shut her up.” Coach Robinson walked to one of the cabinets and pulled out a large red rubber ball. Two straps led from the sides of the ball while two thinner ones dangled from the top. He moved around to the front of the stretched woman. “Open your mouth.”

Jack shoved the ball in, rolling it back until it was nearly pressing up against her molars.

Betty swallowed hard, able to taste the pungent flavor of the latex. Coach Robinson pulled the side straps around her cheeks, fastening them at the back of her head. The two straps he threaded on either side of her nose, slipping them around the rear straps and securing them firmly over the buckle. Betty worked her tongue around the ball, pushing it forward a bit so she could swallow more easily. Her jaws hurt already from being stretched apart so far!

David experimented with her, bringing the crop down hard across her asscheeks. Betty screamed, but the gagging ball prevented her from doing anything more than making muffled cries.

“That’s better, man. She was gettin’ on my nerves with all that fuckin’ yellin’,” David said.

David resumed poking the crop up Betty’s ass, watching her face as he twisted the instrument farther and farther up her shitter. Betty tried pushing her knees apart. But the restraints on her ankles and the bar overhead prevented her from doing much. When he had shoved nearly four inches of the rod up her asshole, the young boy stopped. He slipped one hand around her cunt and found to his delight that Betty was still

She shamed herself again. She should have been terrified, screaming her head off, sobbing. But instead she was getting hot, showing them all that no matter what they did to her she was still in heat against her will.

This is another excerpt from Schoolgirl Bondage by Paul Gable (BH-9199).

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