Fisted With Her Boots On

J at One Sub’s Mission writes about her recent bondage fisting here. But first she talks about what it was like the first time:

Fisting scares me. Even the thought of it scares me. But that hasn’t stopped me trying it.

I tried it once, very early on in my relationship with Mr L. That was a whopping two years ago (wow – two years – how did that happen?!). I wanted to do it mainly for him to be honest. Because I knew how much he wanted to try it, how much it turned him on. He was gentle, and he worked me up to it, and the results were… confusing. I squirted for the first time ever, which was pretty amazing, but the whole experience was beset with anxiety. I kept pleading with him – nearly pleading for him to stop and then changing my mind and just leaving my pleas half-finished. It was hot but stressful. The fact is, I didn’t really trust him back then – I barely knew him. And we didn’t have that rapport. It felt like too much control to surrender – how could I trust him to stretch me like that? He could damage me. Such a helpless position to be in. I remember distinctly the moment he had told me his whole fist was inside me. I had known it anyway, really, from the sensations, but it was something about coming face to face with that fact that scared me. my muscles clenched painfully. Apparently I squeezed his hand very hard. It was too much for me – I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Fast forward two years, and a LOT of water has passed under the bridge. I’m hooded, shackled with a spreader bar and tied to the bed. He has left my boots on. And we’re going back there together for the first time since that experience…

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