A Bad Case Of ADD (“Almighty Dom Disorder”)

How bad the problem is depends on what events you go to and where you hang out, but we’ve all encountered the phenomenon of the fellow (it’s usually, but not always, a fellow) who thinks being a jerk asshole is just “being dominant” and thus makes no effort to conceal just how big a jerk asshole he actually is. Erica Scot reminisces about one such:

There was a guy in the kitchen (not going to give any name or details) who was talking a mile a minute, blustering away about how he manages his slaves. He beats this one, fucks that one, beats AND fucks this other one. None of his slaves is allowed to close the door when she uses the bathroom (“It’s MY house, and I have complete access to EVERY room, ALL the time”). He went on and on about what he won’t accept, and said, “You can tell me no, but only once. You say it a second time, and you’re out the door.” Charming.

The funny think about people like this is, they always seem to not understand how small the world is. Karma’s a bitch, people; just read Erica’s post for the punchline, if you doubt me.

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